May 8, 2009

New Moon Posters featuring the Wolf Pack

DeviantArt has a number of Twilight fans that created some pretty amazing fan art for the movie. I did a little research to see what other creative minds have made as far as New Moon poster ideas go. What I found pretty cool is the growing theme of Quileute Tribe - Wolf Pack movie posters and some surprisingly hot ones of Jacob Black (which make you really wonder what the heck does Bella want Edward's "cold" body for?!)

New Moon PosterInteresting blend. However, I think the artist should've continued blending the wolf face a little further down...say maybe keep some fur down to the chin line at least. With the way it looks here, it kinda looks like an eyepatch, though it's still a pretty good, original piece to me.


New Moon PosterThis one uses the recently released group pic of the Pack, featuring buff and tan young men from La Push donning unique tribal tattoos. I wish I could see the design that was used for the tattoos a little closer. It would be interesting to look into the symbolism of the design. As far as the poster itself goes, it's great eye candy for the giddy girls.

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New Moon PosterThis surprised me. I hope a teenager came up with the idea for this one. Otherwise, some adult is having some serious fantasies about a 17-year old boy. Just kidding, it's not that bad. You barely see his shoulder in the pic. Artistically speaking, however, this idea is pretty intriguing and if you didnt read the book, it may make you wonder if the movie is going to show a very dramatic shift of focus to Jacob's changing bod...he IS after all, going to become a fairly large, muscular werewolf.

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New Moon PosterNow this is what I meant by blending the faces more. Being a photoshop artist myself, I imagine that it might've been a little bit of a challenge to get the wolf's face to fit just right with Jacob's face. In doing so, I'm not really sure that's a wolf or a bear that was used in this blend. I don't want to spoil anything for those that didn't read the book, but there could be a good reason for the artist allowing this to look somewhat like a bear. You have to read the book to know what I'm referring to.

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New Moon PosterI saved the best one for last...teehee! This one really took me by surprise. Taylor Lautner really did buff up to make sure he could keep his role in the follow up movie to Twilight and this fan-made movie poster really does an excellent job of exploiting that. Kinda makes me hope that the producers actually use this one because boy, the artist did a really good job on this one.

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