Jan 29, 2009

Remembering my first CD

Sometimes I like to indulge in nostalgia about the bands I listened to over the years. In fact, I was thinking the other night about the very first CD I ever bought...can you believe it was Cinderella's Heartbreak StationCinderella album?

My middle sister still keeps the CD in her collection at home and we both remember fondly how excited we were when we first got it. My youngest sister also still has the first CD player my sisters and I ever got. It was a JVC boom box with Extra Bass boost. I admit it was quite expensive still back then because CD players were just starting to become popular and high quality cassette tapes were still available. I think I paid around $159 for it. Nowadays you can get the same thingCinderella or even better for a fraction of that price, especially when the stores have sales.
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