Jan 30, 2009

Angelina Jolie's Dress Reversal

I was reading today a Yahoo! Movies blog post about the Max Azria gown Angelina Jolie wore to the Screen Actors Guild Awards. The writer wondered if Jolie knew she was wearing the gown backwards. I wanted to add my comment on the writer's page but with over 9400 comments already posted, I didn't think another comment from me would even get noticed so why bother?

Here's the comparison picture the writer posted to show the gown and how it supposedly was designed to be worn:

Angelina Jolie
(left to right) The front of Angelina’s Max Azria dress (Jason Merritt/Getty Images), the back (Steve Granitz/, and a model from Azria’s Spring 2009 collection (Scott Gries/Getty Images)

Frankly, I don't actually see the resemblances between the two gowns but I don't follow fashion designers or designer wear so I can't say much about that. But as far as how that blue gown was worn, I actually don't think Angie made any mistake at all in wearing it that way. Had she worn it the way the fashion model was wearing it, Angie would not have been able to show off her tattoos. (On a side note, anyone who has ever gotten a tattoo knows that tattoos are meant to be seen, not art, it's a form of expression). In contrast, who would've wanted to see her show more chest like Jennifer Lopez did when she so famously wore that green gown to the Grammy Awards years ago anyway? (See J-Lo's image below). Where would the originality come with doing that? Angie is unique and her fans love that she is who is.

Jennifer Lopez
By wearing that gown in reverse, Angelina Jolie obviously wanted to make her tattoos visible. I think that's so because she even wore her hair up instead of flowing down freely like she has been doing when she's all covered up in long sleeves and such. Perhaps she wanted to make a statement with her KNOW YOUR RIGHTS tattoo which is inked right below the back of her neck. (See close up below, taken from another outing).

Angelina Jolie
Whatever the reason behind the so-called "dress reversal," I think Angelina Jolie wore that gown quite well. She looked very elegant, maybe not demure because of her tattoos, but she did look very feminine and radiant. And yes...I am an Angelina Jolie fan.
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