Oct 5, 2008

Almost Halloween!

Yay! My favorite holiday is coming soon - Halloween!!! The reason why I love Halloween is not just because it's so much fun to dress up in costumes, but because there's always so much chocolate candy around - LOL! Many mothers I work with often bring the "extra" candy that their kids get from Trick-or-Treating to work because they don't want their kids consuming so much candy at home. So we get to have candy all day long at the office.

Anyway, I thought that I would share a few fun and interesting Halloween videos I found on YouTube. I didn't pick any gorey, horror videos - you can have your fill of those from the video stores and television. I just picked out a few that I thought my readers might have a little pre-Halloween fun with.

The first one is a song from one of my favorite MySpace friends, Creature Feature. They know how to make all year long feel as fun as Halloween. I met them while they were still a lesser-known indie band and got their CD autographed for my son who enjoys the same kind of music I do. The band was soon signed on by Sumerian Records and now have their CDs available at many great places like Best Buy and Amazon Music. Here's Creature Feature:

And since I love rock music, I thought this was a great Halloween rock video. This is Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas featuring the song "This is Halloween" by Marilyn Manson:

If you've followed my blogs, you'll know I also love cartoon animations. This one is a Halloween video featuring the Happy Tree Friends. It's called "Out of Sight, Out of Mime". It's only about two and a half minutes long, and while it has some animated violence in it, it's only a cartoon!

Finally here's another interesting one, called "Do They Know It's Halloween?" featuring the music of Arcade Fire from Montreal, Canada. I thought it was a really creatively done piece.

Hope everyone has a safe and happy Halloween celebration this year!!!

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