Oct 6, 2008

Dark Poetry

Since it's the month of my favorite holiday, Halloween - yes, the month of ghouls and goblins, the spirits, and dark folklore - I thought I might post a dark poem I wrote last year. Entitled "My Descent," this is a visionary exploration of a sinner's passage to the underworld. I placed it against a backdrop that I put together using Photoshop. I'm actually pretty proud of this work because I think that along with the visual, it captures a mixed emotion of acceptance and regret at the same time. That's just how I feel about the poem. I'd love to hear or read whatever you think about it.


While you read my poem, you ought to listen to this song by Conflict of Interest, a band from the Hampton Roads, Virginia area.

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I love their music and think this song "Descent" is absolutely awesome! Hey, to my readers who enjoy heavy metal music like I do, ROCK ON!!!
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