Jan 14, 2016

Open Fire

What a rockin' start to the new year!  If you have been a long-time follower of LiggyzDreamz™ perhaps you might recall me mentioning a hard rock band from Hawaii known as Open Fire. I loved that band! I only wish I had more time and money to go to more of their shows at the time...otherwise, I would!

Well today I stumbled upon a social media post comment from someone else who listened to them in Hawaii (during those good ole metal mayhem days).  And after a quick search, I found a YouTube channel for J Azevedo - could that be the Jack Azevedo that played bass for this unforgettable band?

Yeah, of course, how can I forget this band when I've still got this scrapbook page with the napkin Jack signed and the picture my best friend took of us between their sets?  I wonder who else was with us that night and took that other picture of me and my friend when we were getting Jack's autograph.  Oh well!!  What a memory...and now I've got YouTube videos to relive some of those music memories with!!!  Awesome!!! 
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