Jan 19, 2013

Top 3 Posts Last Week

Funny how the Christmas holiday season has already passed and yet my post about a How The Grinch Stole Christmas has been the number one read and searched post on my blog last week.  It was followed in second place by my post about my top five gothic bands with female singers, then lastly by by review of the Megan Fox film, Jennifer's Body.

And for those who check out my other blogs, it's interesting to note that the Hottest Male Showbiz hottie for the past week has been Eddie Cibrian. 

I guess it's that collage from the Smoking Nun that must be bringing in the viewers.  Oh, heck!  Of course, just check that out!  He's a dreamy kinda hunk for a married guy...must be why Leanne Rimes is feeling so insecure these days.  ;)

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