Jan 14, 2012

Evanescence - The New Album

Evanescence finally released their long-awaited, self-titled album in October.  It made it to the top of the charts for its first week release sales of 127,000 copies.  Although it sold far less than their other chart-topping album, "The Open Door", the new album still made it to the top of the charts for albums sold that week. It trails only slightly to the sales of their debut album, "Fallen" which sold 141,000 copies in its first week.

I had the chance to listen to the album and I loved it!  While I've heard and read some mixed reviews about the album, I personally thought that the album stayed true to the deep, rich gothic metal sound that made Evanescence tops in that genre of music.  Alternative rock and alternative metal music lovers should also find the album satisfactory.  And no, the album is definitely not just a rehash of their previous hits. 

Coupled with Amy Lee's beautifully expressive, yet hauntingly mystifying voice, the album features a harmonious blend of synthesizers, percussions, rhythm guitar, and bass guitar.  The keyboards/piano in a couple of the tracks add an emotional tone to the music, especially in the 7th track, Lost in Paradise, where the "softer" intro leads to a more dramatic melody.

The track listing:
1.What You Want (3:41)
2. Made Of Stone (3:33)
3. The Change (3:42)
4. My Heart Is Broken (4:29)
5. The Other Side (4:05)
6. Erase This (3:55)
7. Lost In Paradise (4:42)
8. Sick (3:30)
9. End Of The Dream (3:49)
10. Oceans (3:38)
11. Never Go Back (4:27)
12. Swimming Home (3:43) 
Take some time to listen to "What You Want" here.  I think Amy Lee is an amazing performer!  She also looks like the perfect goth queen!  I love her!  (Hopefully Evanescence adds my city to their tour hubby and I would love to see them again!)

Any true Evanescence fan will definitely want to make sure to get their hands on this album!
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