Jan 23, 2012

Heidi Klum and Seal Break Up

Just a little over a year ago, I took a look at celebrity break-ups and pointed out some of the things I noticed about the couples before they announced their break-ups. But now I hear about Heidi Klum and Seal breaking up and I am just soooooo shocked!

Seriously, did anyone even see that coming?

My first thought today is how could this happen?  The two renew their vows every year.  And you always see them looking so happy and in love every where they go.

My second thought is can their marriage be saved?  I hate to see such happy couples with beautiful children not be able to get past the challenges that marriage brings, especially when it comes to high profile marriage challenges. 

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Cheryl said...

I was surprised to read of this break up as well. They seemed more stable than most. The liklihood of marriages in the enertainment industry seems extremely rare though. Too bad.

Wolfbernz said...

Hi Liggy,

I saw that on the news last night. In the public's eye they seemed like such a perfect couple. Makes one wonder if they hide a lot or if something traumatic happened.


Bud said...

Liggy, I hate to be a curmudgeon but I can't help it. They're celebrities. Breaking up is what they do.

Bud aka Older Eyes

Trina said...

I couldn't imagine the trouble it would take for them to always "keep up appearances" Not to mention being known for being such an amazing couple... just a shame.

On another note... I always thought they were an odd couple.