Jan 30, 2012

Two Exciting Thoughts

First thought: I can't wait for this Sunday! It's Superbowl Sunday! Yippee!!! (Does anyone even say "yippee" anymore or am I showing my age?) Although I'm not a big football fan (or a big sports fan for that matter), I do LOVE to see championship games and this Superbowl game is one I don't want to miss. My all-time favorite female solo musical performer, Madonna, is gonna perform at the half-time show!   I am so excited!

My second thought: The half-time show isn't the only thing I enjoy about watching the Superbowl.  In between the excitement of many the breathtaking throws, players getting tackled by mountains of other players, and the occasional fumbles that make the frustrated die-hard fan curse like there's no tomorrow, there's also the very entertaining commercials. Here's one I found that they decided to release early (for a change). I wonder if they'll modify this ad for when it airs on Superbowl Sunday.


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