Jan 30, 2012

Two Exciting Thoughts

First thought: I can't wait for this Sunday! It's Superbowl Sunday! Yippee!!! (Does anyone even say "yippee" anymore or am I showing my age?) Although I'm not a big football fan (or a big sports fan for that matter), I do LOVE to see championship games and this Superbowl game is one I don't want to miss. My all-time favorite female solo musical performer, Madonna, is gonna perform at the half-time show!   I am so excited!

My second thought: The half-time show isn't the only thing I enjoy about watching the Superbowl.  In between the excitement of many the breathtaking throws, players getting tackled by mountains of other players, and the occasional fumbles that make the frustrated die-hard fan curse like there's no tomorrow, there's also the very entertaining commercials. Here's one I found that they decided to release early (for a change). I wonder if they'll modify this ad for when it airs on Superbowl Sunday.


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Cheryl said...

I am not into football at all (lightening bolt about ready to strike me dead, I am sure) but I love the competition of advertisers. Superbowl commercials are really interesting. Most don't amount to all that much but the couple of gems in the bunch are awesome. I loved the Ferris video. Totally fun. How can he say that movie was the worst in his career. I beg to differ. He has had far worse. I loved Ferris Bueller.

Liggy said...

That's very true, Cheryl...very true!

Wolfbernz said...

Hi Liggy,

Very cool that Madonna is going to play at halftime.I'll bet thte show will be excellent!

The commercials are always fun, I really enjoyed the CRV commercial was well thought out.


Trina said...

This years halftime is something I want to see too LOL Madonna is an amazing artist with a great variety in her styles, it will be interesting to see what she sings (and what she wears!)

I too look forward to the commercials during the Superbowl - while I'm still trying to understand football, I don't altogether get it and I like the break in having to think so hard LOL

Happy Tuesday

Bud said...

Hi, Liggy -

I say "yippee" but I'm 67 ! I'm a big Patriots fan, so I will be watching, although I often skip the halftime shows, which seem over-produced. I liked the Bueller commercial but I'll bet they shorten it.