Nov 5, 2011

Angels and Airwaves Art Giveaway

Hi, everyone!  Remember back in November of 2010, Angels and Airwaves was giving out a free download of their LOVE album thru their MODLIFE page?  Well, on Tuesday, November 8th, the band is releasing Parts One and Two of their album.  The deluxe version even includes an 85-minute Love movie on DVD. 

I don't normally plug contests, but if you're a HOT TOPIC fan on Facebook, you can enter to win a 24x30 custom screen printed art canvas (seen in the picture above), autographed and designed by Tom Delonge himself.  Now how awesome is that?!  Just go to the Angels and Airwaves Giveaway page on Facebook (or click that picture above).  They're giving one away daily starting next week.  Go ahead and try your luck...or spread the word and share the LOVE

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