May 2, 2011

Two Thoughts About TV

This Tuesday, I wanted to take a breather from all the news about Bin Laden and this past week-end's Royal Wedding. I thought I might take a little walk down TV memory lane and remember one of my favorite childhood shows - Sesame Street and my favorite feature show within it. Can you guess what that was? 

Yes, it was "Here is Your Life!" hosted by the most suave looking muppet there ever was...Guy Smiley.

Guy Smiley hosts "This Is Your Life"

Sesame Street has been around since 1969 and has gone through a lot of changes in keeping up with the times and changing audience demands.  But throughout the ages, it has always been a show that the average kid can easily relate to and enjoy.  I love it because I think it has been the most educational show ever created.  In fact, I know some children who came to America not speaking a word of English but after watching Sesame Street daily, became very fluent in English.  But hey, did you know that Sesame Street not only teaches English, but also Spanish and sign language as well?  Sesame Street makes learning communication skills fun! 

While speaking of Sesame Street, I thought I'd mention Guy Smiley in particular because he was my favorite muppet from the series, even though Kermit the Frog and Miss Piggy seemed to have gotten more media attention at the time.  Guy Smiley was always such a vibrant character and as a host, he helped young viewers learn more about the "life" or the "background" of everyday things that we don't really pause to think about.  For instance, he had guests like a loaf of bread, a tooth, and a tree.  By giving the guests clues about their "lives", young viewers got fun little history lessons about these things.  As a child, I enjoyed seeing the excitement of the guests when they learned all these amazing new things about themselves.

Guy Smiley hosted other shows on Sesame Street.  These shows were parodies of real network TV shows.  I don't really remember much about them though. I guess the details didn't stick to me as well as "Here is Your Life" has.  But Guy Smiley sure stuck to me as one of my favorite TV show hosts of all time.  I wonder, did you have any favorite Sesame Street characters when you were growing up?

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