May 19, 2011

This Is Gonna Hurt

Since I got my copy of SIXX AM's latest CD early this month, I've been playing it in my car over and over every time I drive to and from work.  I really love this album - even more than I love The Heroin Diaries Soundtrack, their first release.   Like the first album, This Is Gonna Hurt is basically a soundtrack for Nikki Sixx's New York Times best-selling book of the same title.

Unlike Nikki's autobiographical first book, I haven't read this new book.  From the limited visuals I've seen of it in the music video for Lies of the Beautiful People, I'm not really interested in the book.  I do think Nikki Sixx has a good eye for photography and a very creative perspective.  It's simply not my style of art.

I can't say anything bad about the CD, however.  This new CD is absolutely amazing and inspiring!  I am impressed to the max!  This album is solid music - no dramatic dialogue tracks that I had to turn down around the little ones (like there was in the Heroin Diaries soundtrack).  The  instrumentals leading into the songs draw you into the music.  I especially like the keyboard intro in track 10 (Goodbye My Dear Friends). And if you like guitars, you're really gonna dig DJ Ashba's work in this album.  That guitar can really "sing" (I don't like to say "scream" because "scream" seems more like an out-of-control action but DJ's guitar sounds beautifully in full control).   And don't forget Nikki's bass which brings out the total depth of the emotional tones in the music.  This is one thoroughly impressive collaboration of musical talents!

For any rockin' chick wanting to be "serenaded" by a hot tattooed rockstar, track 7 (Smile) is just so sweet to listen to without being too mushy like your typical love song.  The well-chosen lyrics and James Michael's tender singing make the song such a dream to listen to.  (Ah, dreamland!)

My favorite song in the album is track 11 (Skin) which is an amazingly inspiring song.  The lyrics give anyone encouragement to look past any physical imperfections that may have caused them to feel embarrassed or ashamed.  Sixx AM gives the listener hope and strength to do things and show others that they are more than just "skin".  I don't know if the kind of song Sixx AM would release as a single, but it is definitely a song everyone should hear.

I give This Is Gonna Hurt both thumbs up.  This album rocks!!!

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