Mar 15, 2011

Who is Rebecca Black?

I guess you can say that today, I'm going to contribute to the viral popularity of a widely criticized music video.  I can't help it.   When I came across the Video Ga-ga post on Yahoo today, I got curious and watched the video...adding myself to the more than 3 million views this aspiring singer named Rebecca Black has had on this video, a dramatic jump from the less than 4000 views it had last Friday!

The first thing that caught my interest is the question about how BAD is her singing?  I mean, this young girl looks kind of like a cross between Selena Gomez and Paz Vega.  She's really pretty!  Yet all I kept reading was about how BAD this song was - that it could be labeled one of the worst ever.  Could she really be that bad of a singer?  So before I say another word, check it out for yourself here:

American Idol host Ryan Seacrest had Tweeted: “If ur wondering why Rebecca Black has been trending for 24 hrs, this is the video u need to see.”  That probably got a lot of Tweeters curiously flocking to YouTube to see just why.

Interestingly, many people thought the video might have been a joke of some sort.  But apparently it is real - from Ark Music Factory, which is a record label and a social community for musicians, bands, producers, writers, etc.  Basically, they're somewhat like MySpace and ReverbNation, but more.  Rebecca Black also has a profile page on the Ark Music Factory networking site.

Anyway, as far as my thoughts go on the music video for "Friday", I can only say that yes, I agree with the critics that say this singer's voice is not really great (I was being nice).  The vocals in this video sound like someone pinching the poor girl's nose while using a cheap karaoke mike to record with.  Seriously, I think her voice was synthesized throughout the song so who knows what her real voice sounds like and whether she can actually carry a tune. The only part I thought was sung "okay" was the rapping part by that adult male about 2:30 minutes into the video - and I'm not even a fan of rap or hip-hop!

The lyrics must have been written by prepubescent youths because I can't imagine anyone older (mature) having thoughts like those (sung in this video) going through their minds...unless they're suffering from an obsessive compulsive disorder and have to frequently reiterate to themselves every little detail of the day, even struggling to decide about "which seat can I take?"  But then again, I don't know who's worse - Britney Spears or Rebecca Black.  After all, when Britney got her big break, her songs were hits but she really could NOT sing at all.   

I might give the video some kudos though if the music video were being marketed strictly as an educational tool for kids watching PBS's Sesame Street or Electric Company.  This youthful presentation would surely keep a young viewer attentive for the 3:48 minute video.  During that time, they would learn through repetition about the days of the week and what a typical day is like for a 'tween or a teen from the time they get up to go to school and after.  I would just take out the parts with those kids sitting in the convertible without their seatbelts on!

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AngelBaby said...

Sounds like a kids video to me too. I think they would love it! LOL! A little to young for me.

Here's your click .....

Love and Blessings,

Cheryl said...

I agree that it really isn't good but seems anything can be "packaged", marketed and sold to someone.


Trina said...

Hi Liggy,

That video sucked! But I can always count on you for a great review! You totally nailed that one :)

Clicks for you!

Trina said...

LOL Wolf and I are working from the same computer and totally commented with my info!

I think everyone can agree that the girl in the video has a terribly annoying voice. Sometimes terrible video go viral faster then amazing ones by talented singers.


Liggy said...

@Trina #2...LOL! I did get a little confused by that!

BTW thanks all who stopped by and commented (even if I didn't respond individually here). I hope you all had a wonderful Tuesday! Tomorrow's Hump Day Wednesday...then it'll be Thursday...then finally FRIDAY! (I hsd to throw that in there for fun).

oldereyes said...

Yikes! Really bad ... did it look to you like it was lip synched? The video seemed off from the voice. The voice also sounded computer generated.