Mar 8, 2011

Seeing Double

Doesn't Suri Cruise look like a mini version of her mom, Katie Holmes? I think it's so cool when I see pictures of little girls who look so much like their mothers. Yeah, yeah...don't tell me.  Genetics played a role in it.  But not everyone closely resemble their parents as much as some do...especially these celebrities I happened to come across these pictures of.

Here's another cute picture of Katie and Suri together. Tom Cruise must experience double the joy seeing them together all the time.

How about one of my other favorite young actresses, Reese Witherspoon?  Gosh, I didn't realize how much her daughter's growing up to be look even more like Reese herself!  It just amazes me because neither I nor my two sisters resemble our mother that closely!  (At least we don't think we do...LOL!).

I wonder if I could find any pictures of male celebrities whose sons look as much like them as these female celebrities and their daughters do? Hmmm...that's another thought!

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