Oct 12, 2010

What's Up, Dora?

Dora the Explorer is in the news again!  The last time I blogged about her was when the Tween Dora was going to be launched.  That was just early last year.  Remember that?  Does anyone know if the Tween Dora ever took off?  My daughter just stuck to the original Dora books and DVDs so I didn't bother to find out.
(photo from the 2008 press release)

(more recent photo of Caitlyn Sanchez)

This time, Dora the Explorer got in the news because Caitlyn Sanchez - the human behind young Dora's voice - was suing Nickelodeon, MTV, and Viacom for hundreds of millions that she and her family believe Caitlyn were swindled of by being forced to sign her contract in less than a half hour's time without being given an opportunity to consult with an attorney.  It was a sign now or lose it moment for the 12 year old.  

Wait!  Isn't that how a lot of opportunities in life come by?  Does that mean I should sue my former employers who made a fortune in their businesses by paying a college student (like I was at the time) minimum wage?  

I don't mean to mock the poor girl, but come on now.  Some opportunities come with a cost and sometimes the results just aren't fair.  But like the saying goes - you win some, you lose some.  And if there were any doubts before, why didn't her family consult an attorney to amend the contract sooner?  Now it just makes her look like she's trying to dig deeper into Daddy's pockets because the allowance just wasn't enough.  Sorry, girl!  I do hope you get your fair share.  Unfortunately, the media attention you're getting from this isn't really making you look good.

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