Apr 6, 2010

Two Thoughts on Tuesday...Time To Remember

My first thought this Tuesday is how cool it is to look back to 1987 when I was still living in Hawaii and a 17-year old young man named Glenn Medeiros won a local radio talent contest.  Glenn sang the George Benson hit "Nothing's Gonna Change My Love For You" and it set the pace for Glenn to become the next national teen idol.

Glenn Medeiros posing for my camera.

During a promotional tour for his first album, he made a stop at local shopping center in Hawaii.  My middle sister (Ophelia) and I stood in line to get his autograph on a record single (see pic at the very top of this post).  We got back in line later to take pictures and ask him to sign another autograph for us to bring home to our elementary school-aged sister (Veronica) who also adored him but didn't get to come along with us (because our Mom wouldn't let us take her).

Glenn signing his autograph for my little sister. 

My second thought wanders to what Glenn Medeiros might be doing these days.  You know how a lot of teen idols make a hit or two and then just end up leaving show business.  Well, it looks like Glenn Medeiros may not be recording anymore, but as of 2008, he has been hosting and entertaining at luaus at a Waikiki hotel.  He was also teaching at a local school during the day.  Well, at least he hasn't totally disappeared from the music scene!

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AngelBaby said...

Wow! How fun and what a great memory to cherish. I love memories like that, it is always fun to look back on them from time to time.

Here's your click .........

Love and Blessings,

AY said...

Hi Lizzie, just dropping by to read your thoughts...and loved it. Great looking teen idol there. Here's ur click!

Liggy said...

That was definitely a very memorable time. I'm glad the pictures came out though...we just had the old 35 mm film rolls then and you never know if your pictures took or not!

Ophelia said...

I still have my autograph from Glenn Medeiros too! He signed an 8x10 photo of him, with my name on it! :) It's still in perfect condition. I have it saved in a folder in one of my cabinets. I never bothered to put it in a frame, but now I wonder if I should, so I can display it with pride! He he he...

Liggy said...

Oh, Ophelia! You should display that autograph! I finally decided to scan mine and share it here so it's not just sitting in a photo album tucked away...

Trina said...

Great memory!

I love remembering teen idols - crazy times! LOL

It's nice to hear that he didn't go off the deep end or anything too

Awesome pics - and yes, you were lucky they turned out, 35mm pictures were no where near as wonderful as digital cameras are today!


Wolfbernz said...

Hi Liggy
Sounds like you had a good time and have a good memory to reflect on :)
I really like the 35mm camera but as you said they were unreliable so you were lucky to get such good shots!

Have a good week
Clicks for you!

oldereyes said...

Liggy, you make me feel old ... good looking young men who I've never heard of. But that's OK ... most things do. And I enjoy your posts!

Click ...

Bud aka Older Eyes