Apr 9, 2010

Dave Mustaine is Insane! this new video for the ENDGAME album track, "The Right To Go Insane," that is.  Unlike other Megadeth videos where you see mostly Megadeth performing onstage, this video features Dave Mustaine sneaking into a military facility and going nuts with a stolen tank.   It's a video of a mental breakdown but it's the music that absolutely kicks ass!

I couldn't find an embeddable code for the video but you can find it HERE (on Noisecreep).

The Right To Go Insane is the last track on the album ENDGAME. Get your copy now!

ENDGAME's track listing is as follows:

1. Dialectic Chaos
2. This Day We Fight!
3. 44 Minutes
4. 1,320
5. Bite The Hand
6. Bodies
7. Endgame
8. The Hardest Part of Letting Go...Sealed With a Kiss
9. Head Crusher
10. How The Story Ends
11. The Right To Go Insane
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