Apr 27, 2010

I would like to...

For Top Sites Tuesday this week, BlogDumps is giving us all something to think about.  This time, we've got some sentences to finish.  Now that is definitely something to think about!  

I picked this sentence to finish: I would like to

Hmm...what would a dreamer like Liggy like to see?  Aha!  I would like to see my favorite local metal band VANQUISH get back together for a big comeback performance.  In reality, it's not likely gonna happen anytime soon.  Their guitarist, Mark DiVito, is currently in Illinois working on an Engineering degree.  Their lead singer, Greer Cawthon, is busy performing with his new cover band Excess Baggage (which by the way, has a really busy schedule).  Anthony Maiden, their mega-awesome drummer, has become engaged and recently moved into his new home.  Ah, maybe it'll be time to start a family soon for Anthony?  And Nick Johnson, the band's bass player, had parted ways with the band last year, pursuing other music-related endeavors, including an advanced music degree.  

Check out their original music!

Keep it metal with Vanquish

At least for now I have their CDs to listen to and enjoy.  Maybe someday, someone from a major recording studio will come across their music and make them an offer they can't refuse!  

On a more personal note, I would like to thank everyone who comes by my blog, reads a post or two, and drops me a comment every once in awhile.  And thanks to all who have helped me make it to #1 on Top Sites Tuesday in the past.  As a prize, I got this neat shirt which often gets a lot of conversations going whenever I wear it.  (Thanks again!!!)

Liggy - proud to be a contributor to BlogDumps and the Top Sites Tuesday meme!

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