May 5, 2009

LOL Metal

You know all those funny lolcats pictures that float around the net, especially as comments on social networking sites like myspace? Well, I didn't realize that, rather, a number of people, have actually used the same concept on pictures of heavy metal musicians. I thought these were so funny I had to save a few pics for entertaining myself again at a later time. Here are a couple I saved:

LOL Metal
Here's one of a Polish death metal band called Vader.

LOL Metal
LOL!!! yeah, really, don't u dare grab minez!

I actually found these pics on the OnSugar network site, where a site user named GiggleSugar posted them in 2007 (geez, I can't believe they were actually around that long!). There were a whole lot more there. I also found more on a page from the WAREHOUSE, although not all of them were as funny as I thought these two I saved were.

For those interested in Vader's music, they have a DVD available called And Blood Was Shed in Warsaw and CD's available as well.
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