Feb 19, 2009

Bullet For My Valentine

Bullet For My Valentine
Photo Credit: Steve Brown / Copyright Trustkill Records

This Welsh metal band has actually been around for awhile. They formed in 1998 as a band called As Jeff Killed John, playing under that name until about 2002. They released their debut album, The Poison, in 2006, selling more than a million copies worldwide. Their next album, Scream Aim Fire, is also doing very well from what I've been reading about this group on various websites.

Bullet For My Valentine has an official YouTube site where you can view their performance and music videos. They've got some pretty appealing comic videos there as well as some behind the scenes look videos from their worldwide tour. One video I'm particularly fond of is the one for Tears Don't Fall. I like the way the camera shakes during the explosive riffs as the band sings in the rain. I didn't particular care much for storyline about the crazy lovers between the band's singing scenes - the stamina of the band as they got soaked by all that rain was way much more interesting to watch in my opinion.

I did, however, find an awesome live performance clip version of this song on another YouTube user's site. As those around me know, I love rock and metal music - most especially when it's played live. And for now, this is as close to live as I can get for this talented band. Below is that video I thought I'd post to make it easier for my readers to see what I mean.

Isn't this group just awesome? I'm going to get offline and listen to my Bullet mp3s now...
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