Jul 31, 2008

Vanquish Rules!

I will never get tired of this band - Vanquish! My friends and family went out to support them at the Battle of the Bands (round one) at Alley Katz in Richmond, Virginia on Sunday, July 27th and had an amazing time. For this competition, it was whoever had the loudest crowd wins. Vanquish tied for first place with another band called Colorful Schematic (I think that's their name but I can't be sure). In any case, I believe that if you had a team of professional judges and scored points for their music, showmanship, talent, originality, and energy, there's no doubt that Vanquish would have garnered first place by themselves.

I thought I'd post a slideshow of pics taken by the various fans that came to support Vanquish at this event. Trust me, every dollar you spend going to a Vanquish performance, no matter where it's at, is always a dollar worth spending.

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