Apr 5, 2008

How I Got Started Doing Graphics on the Web

I really never used a computer for anything other than email, games, and word processing needs until my husband got me a copy of Adobe PhotoshopAdobe Photoshop. I really didn't even know what to do with the software until I started noticing the kinds of comment graphics and layout art that people were posting on myspace and other social networking sites. I thought that it would be kind of cool if I could make those things myself.

Then I met a local musician named Geoff Gulbranson. (Actually my youngest sister introduced me to him through myspace and I later found out he and his family attend the same church my family goes to). Though I'm not actually close friends with this musician, I do give him credit for allowing me to use some of his pictures to create graphics when I first started making them. He also helped promote my work and spread the word to other local musicians. I managed to get quite a few graphics out which Gulbranson used on his myspace page. He even used my banners and contact table designs for his myspace page for awhile. :)

One of the projects I was really proud of is the Eyes of Gulbranson wallpaper below. It was used as a background on his fan club site on myspace.

The practice I got from working with Gulbranson images led to further work on developing a press kit for the band he sings lead and plays guitar in called Myth410. Some other local artists that have posted or may still have my designs (banners or other graphics) on their pages include Vanquish, Sarin, Myth410, and Shed54. I currently only do band art for the Vanquish Fan page on myspace. (In other words, I'm not accepting any requests for band graphics at this time. Thank you if you're interested, though!).

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