Jul 11, 2017

My Top Five BAD Songs

There are some bad songs that became popular...and then there are some BAD songs that also became popular. I have a few favorite picks of BAD songs - songs that have "Bad" in their titles. Here are my Top Five Picks (in no particular order).

I'm from the generation whose teen years and early adult years enjoyed the hair bands at their peak, before grunge and alternative music took over the airwaves (more like took over the "hair" waves, if you think about it). Hair bands created and popularized many really catchy rock songs, some really hard and some really dreamy soft. That's probably why they appealed to such a broad range of audience.

One of my favorite rock bands that was big during that era was Bon Jovi. Although the New Jersey album wasn't as successful as its predecessor (Slippery When Wet), it did produce a few hits, including this one - Bad Medicine.

Premiering in March 1989, COPS ended up becoming one of the Fox network's top shows. It ran for 25 seasons before it was cancelled by Fox, then later restarted on Spike TV for another five seasons.  Its 30th season premiered this past June. I listed the show's theme song, Bad Boys by Inner Circle because it is so recognizable and every time I hear it, I think of the show...doesn't everybody?

Michael Jackson was one of the most creative and talented musician and performer that ever lived.  He was definitely a legend. Of all his albums, I have to say that his 1987 album "Bad" was my favorite and that puts the single, Bad, in this top five list. This album also moved Michael Jackson into a hard rock, adult contemporary, and hard dance style - yes, my kind of music! 

Making a second appearance in this list is Bon Jovi with the song You Give Love A Bad Name from the album Slippery When Wet. I guess you could say that Bon Jovi is one of my top favorite artists or that

Heavy metal musicians still produce some of the most amazing sounds I've ever heard and this band is one of them. Check out this video of Bad Company by Five Finger Death Punch. This was released from the 2009 album War is the Answer.  While it is a cover of the song of the same name by the band Bad Company, Five Finger Death Punch's version combines the dramatic feel of metal music sounds, Ivan L. Moody's powerfully raging and yet deeply soulful voice, and a rhythm that draws you in like a chain pulling you.

Not in my Top Five favorites but making honorable mentions in my list of popular "bad" songs, are
Bad Girl by Madonna and Bad Blood by Taylor Swift. I think these songs and videos offer storylines that seem so realistic they keep you guessing about what these women are really like off-camera and off-mic. What do you think?

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