Feb 5, 2013

To Tweet or Not To Tweet

Okay, my first thought this Tuesday is not just a thought but a gripe! I just don't get it. Why do former child stars find it necessary to pose half-naked for the world to prove they are not children anymore? Do they think we're such a stupid society that we can't tell a grown up from a child in other ways than seeing their private body parts?

Did you see that photo of Miley Cyrus on the cover of Cosmo - which is already well-known for very racy articles and pictures, catering to women who want to become more sexually attractive?  We see enough of her going out with her fiance/married-in-their-hearts-husband, Liam Hemsworth.  We see enough of her dressed up as a woman at movie openings, awards shows, and other very public events.  Does she still need to prove she's grown up by posing for pictures like that?

Seriously...what are they thinking?

My second thought...I've been trying out Twitter just because it's there. See, I even have a Follow Me on Twitter link on the right!  I've had a maximum of 20 followers and then it dropped down to 17, not that it  matters to me.  I'm not aiming to get as many followers as all these famous celebrity tweeters.

I've mainly just been experimenting with it to see what it's like, share  some health-related articles I come across, and promote health-related topics from the nutritional company that I work for part-time.

After using it for the past couple months, I must say - I still don't get!  Really.  I understand how to tweet, how to get others to see your tweets, and how to follow others.  With just the 44 Tweeters I follow, I already feel the information (the tweets) just come in so randomly that there's no real organization.  Unless someone follows a particular tweeter or tweet topic very closely (to the point of feeling like a stalker), I don't see how these tweeters even have all these publicized conversations with each other.

I guess my brain is still wired for receiving information in a more organized in a magazine or in a newspaper.  I can handle news feeds with topics organized by categories and followed by some short intro to the news.  I can then decide if I want to click on the rest of the article to read more, or just skim through the other feeds until something interests me.

Maybe Twitter is useful if you like to tweet - make noise like a bird and get attention.  But I don't think it's really useful if you're looking for news feeds.  Can someone convince me otherwise?   It's so much easier (in my opinion) to just follow a website's RSS or Atom feeds instead of tweets.  I've got my Google Reader and my Yahoo Reader feeds which I use for following blogs and other websites.  And they work on portable devices as well as on a desktop computer.

I'll need a lot more convincing before I decide to become a more serious or more frequent Twitter user.  For now, I'll stick to my old ways of getting news. By the way, don't forget to click the blinking button below to let BlogDumps know you read my post...and then check out the other blog posts this week! 

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Cheryl said...

I don't know why so many young actors feel the need to prove they are no longer children but invariabley they do it in a rebellious or edgey way that is supposed to shock us in some way.

As for Twitter. I don't get it either. I have a Twitter account attatched to my blog but I just can't find the purpose of it. The only reason I see for Twitter is if you have a group of friends that you personally want to connect with throughout the day. What is the point of the little one liners if they are coming from people you don't know???

As always, an interesting post.


Liggy Blough said...

Thanks for saying that, Cheryl...I'm glad I'm not the only one who feels that way about Twitter! Well, I'm off to visit your blog now... :D

Trina said...

I'm with you, we don't need Miley to pose half dress to know she's an adult. I knew that she was clearly adult when she cut her hair LOL Still, the young will be young and that magazine sells...

Twitter... still don't get it. I tied it too, and never really understood the pointless ramble of thoughts


Wolfbernz said...

Hi Liggy,

Wow. I'm with you, I don't understand why child stars feel the need to pose half dressed or provocatively when they become an adult. Sure, it's a nice picture, but she looks just as nice with more clothes on.

Twitter started as a place to microblog, to basically shre simple thoughts with the world or your friends... sort of what FB has done. But Twitter became a huge spammy mess and In my opinion, Twitter is just a place for spammers. Sometimes you can gain readers and visitors to your blog, but you have to spam the crap out of it to get there and you have to learn strategic use of hash tags. Used correctly you can run you visitor count way up, but I never fealt that I gained quality readers or traffic from there.


Bud said...

Well, Liggy, you know me ... nothing celebrities do surprises me. I think these young star become immersed in the celebrity bubble and start to think that what goes on insidee the bubble is "normal." It is truly an completely different culture.

I agree about twitter. I listen to a sports announcer that says twitter is really for celebrities, sport figures and news people who want to break stories of reach many of their fans directly. I, too, tweet every post but since I have only a handful of followers, why bother?


Ophelia Griffin said...

I've been using Twitter for a few years now. In the beginning, I used it only to follow Spanish-speaking Twitter peeps so that I could practice reading and writing in Spanish outside of the classroom (I was taking Spanish classes at the time.) It was, for me, a great way to connect with Spanish-speaking people around the world and also other Spanish language learners who use Twitter on a regular basis.

Then I became passionate about learning French and started following French tweets. It became a source of fun and excitement especially after I went to Paris for spring break last year. I began tweeting a little bit in French, in addition to Spanish, as a way to practice the language with other speakers. I was lucky enough to get some of my tweets featured in the Coffee Break French (and Coffee Break Spanish!) podcasts.

Eventually I found Twitter to simply be a great place to connect with other people who share the same interests, which for me includes my love of books (especially YA novels), multilingualism (particularly Spanish and French), and others addicted to libraries! I am able to converse with a variety of individuals who I would never be able to talk to in person because they live in other states or even in other countries.

Nowadays I use Twitter mostly in English, but I still follow Spanish and French tweets and occasionally retweet or comment in either language when I am in the mood. I enjoy meeting new Twitter peeps and follow a number of celebrities who fascinate me. I agree that a lot of people seem to use it to gain as many followers as possible or to promote their businesses and what not, but for me, it is the best place online that I found where I could enjoy online conversation with other people about topics of interest to me.

Sorry for writing such a super-long comment! I just thought I'd share a different perspective on Twitter, as most of your readers seem to not find it useful for anything. It isn't for everyone, I am sure. But it works perfectly for me and I can't see myself leaving it any time soon. Well, that's my two cents! Thanks for hearing me out! :)

Liggy Blough said...

Glad to see different kinds of feedback, Ophelia. It's interesting to know what drives other "non-celebrities" to use Twitter on a regular basis.