May 12, 2013

Gary Sinise and the Lt Dan Band

I had a great time last night at this show.  Gary Sinise (of television's CSI: New York) and his band, The Lt. Dan Band (named after his popularly known character in Forrest Gump) played for the first time in Portsmouth, VA.  Portsmouth is the home of the world's largest US Navy base.  This show was one of their earliest stops for the Lt. Dan Band’s Building for America’s Bravest 2013 Benefit Concert Tour.

The band played a lot of popular hit songs ranging from the 70s to modern music.  I was very impressed with them, especially the singers.  They all took turns doing back up vocals and solos, entertaining us with a variety of performing and musical styles.  Some of them also played musical instruments!  They're a very talented bunch!

Gary Sinise played bass guitar, and although he didn't do the vocals for the songs, he played on every song - except for the drum solo, of course.  Man, that guy never rested!!  What energy and enthusiasm!   He also introduced all the band members after they did their solos or performances.  He also did some hosting, giving us all a clear background story on the band.

I attended the show with my family and sat in the general covered area (which isn't too far from the stage).  Even though the ushers told us we could go up to the front area which was within the first twenty rows closest to the stage, we just stayed where we were because the floor was at a nice angle to see the stage well and we didn't have to worry about the kids having tinnitus after the show.  (I already suffer from tinnitus from all the rock concerts and shows I've gone to on my need to put the kids through that!)

Here are a couple shots I took to remember the event by:

The show lasted about two hours long...but there was never a dull moment!!!  If this band stops by your town, you should check them out.  The band tours to raise awareness and aid for the The Gary Sinise Foundation, the Wounded Warrior Project and other non-profits that help America's wounded veterans and their families.  If you'd like to learn more about them, please visit The Gary Sinise Foundation website or the Lt. Dan Band Website.

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