Apr 3, 2013

P!nk Love

Out of all the young female pop stars, I like P!nk the best.  I like her, not just for her music, but also because she possesses the maturity to know how to accept life's imperfections, to deal with problematic situations, and to be able to work things out to make relationships that matter work.

Her relationship with her husband, professional motocross racer, Carey Hart, has had its share of ups and downs - including a separation in 2008 - but they got back together and even started a family.  Most other famous celebrities their ages just don't even bother to try to make their relationships - let alone, marriage - work out anymore these days.  But these two...they sure are managing their priorities and proving to the world that just because you're young and tattooed, that doesn't mean you're irresponsible and selfish. 

Unlike Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera, whom she has often been compared with, P!nk has managed to avoid getting in the media for crazy things like public drunkenness, jail time, or forgetting to put on underwear before leaving the house. 

Anyway, here's a song I hear a lot of radio airplay.  I think this is very inspirational...just listen to it.

Music video by P!nk featuring Nate Ruess performing Just Give Me A Reason. (C) 2012 RCA Records, a division of Sony Music Entertainment.


Cheryl said...

Hi Liggy,

Thought I would come over and visit!! I am a HUGE Pink fan. I love music that is catchy/edgy and hers is both. Plus I just like her unique style. Early on she just did things her way and it totally works.

She is comeing here to KC in Nov. for a concert. We have bought 4 tickets.

Liggy Blough said...

Cool, Cheryl! I'm sure you'll enjoy her concert. I haven't seen her perform live but I enjoy listening to all her songs and I enjoy the performances she's had on TV. :)