Apr 4, 2013

ABachalypse LIVE!

So I finally got my ABachalypse Now Ultimate CD/DVD set in the mail the other day... Rightaway, I ripped off the plastic wrapping, turned on my home theater system, and put in the DVD!  Boy, it was awesome, I tell ya!!!  It was like being there in concert, except without the screaming, sweaty crowd pushing each other around me.

I even took pictures with my cell phone (just for fun) as if I were really at the concert...LOL! 

Yeah, really...if I could have gone to Sebastian Bach's concert for REAL, I would've wanted to be right there...side of the stage...really close to him and the band.  (Sigh!)

I wouldn't have wanted to be out here in the crowd, barely able to see over the tall people's heads.  Even with the highest heels I've got, I wouldn't have been able to see enough of Sebastian Bach to feel satisfied. 

Seriously speaking though, in regards to the CD/DVD set itself, I really enjoyed ABachalypse Now.  The time and effort they took to engineer it and edit it shows in its excellence.  The live concert quality (audience sounds and interaction) was still there but the noise effect was minimized enough to make the home viewing experience comfortable. Sebastian's performance was great in all concert sets included.  After 28 years of performing as a musician and on stage, Sebastian Bach still has a mountain of energy inside him. I wonder if he doesn't ever just want to pass out after a concert...or if he never drains out of energy.

All the band members and guest musicians worked incredibly well together in the performances that were chosen for this concert DVD.  Nick Sterling, who (unfortunately) was fired by Bach in August 2012, does show some mad skillz with his guitar.  My only criticism is that I wished he could've been a little more active onstage than he was.  I've seen many other guitarists make their presence well-known onstage by moving around more with the music, interacting more with the lead singer, and by really moving around more onstage so the audience can watch (and listen) from different angles.  In comparison, I enjoyed the portions where Jinxx from Black Veil Brides jammed with the band.  Now his performance is one where you can say he was there as  more than just a guitarist.  And that's kind of what I would've liked to see Nick Sterling do.  Oh well!

Overall, I think this CD/DVD set - ABachalypse Now is actually worth way more than the price most places charge for it (mine came from Amazon).  If you like Sebastian Bach and enjoy his music now (or even from when he was with Skid Row), you really ought to get yourself a copy of this concert CD/DVD set.  It's a MUST-HAVE item!!!
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