Dec 4, 2012

Two Short Thoughts for Tuesday

First of all, I wanted to say - Tuesday is going to be a warm 71 degrees  in my area.  Can you believe that?! Just when we got some nice new log racks to hold our winter-long supply of firewood in the backyard!  We were so looking forward to being able to use up that firewood this year.  We have so much leftover firewood from two previous winters that didn't end up being cold enough to use them. Oh well, it isn't officially winter yet, so I guess I should give Mother Nature more time to let us use up that firewood! 

My next thought this week is how cute I think Dannielynn Birkhead looks and how she just appears destined for the camera.  After all, her father, Larry Birkhead was a celebrity photographer when he met Dannielynn's mother, Anna Nicole Smith. 

I hear people complaining about it.  Really?  Why?  Her parent(s) have every right to allow her to model as they (in this case, her father) see fit.  Besides that, the modeling photos we've seen so far look very playful and natural - as fun as any child her age should and can look.  I think, that after all the controversy and painful legal challenges Larry Birkhead experienced before winning recognition as the child's true birth father, we can only hope he has gained enough wisdom to protect his daughter from the dangers of growing up in showbiz.  Besides that, I'm pretty sure he wouldn't want her to end up exactly like her mother and brother. 

Whether you agree with me or not on the matter, please feel free to leave me your thoughts in my comments.  But before you go, please click the blinking button below and check out other BlogDumps bloggers and their Two Thoughts for Tuesday. 

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