Aug 23, 2011

Dream Guy of the Week #4

After watching Requiem for a Dream the other night, you might wonder why I would call Jared Leto a dream guy...after all, he played very realistic heroin junkie in the movie, not some dreamy hunk of guy.  But you've got to admit - he is a really good actor!   

The past few years, however, we haven't seen much of Jared Leto when it comes to movies (other than in feature-length music videos that he starred in and directed for his band 30 Seconds To Mars).  He's been busy writing and performing music at sold-out shows all over the world.  With his brother, Shannon on drums, and Tomislav "Tomo" Miličević on lead guitar, Jared Leto seems to never run out of energy on stage.

 (From left to right: Shannon Leto, Jared Leto, and Tomislav Miličević)

When I searched for Jared Leto pictures, I notice how he wears shades a lot.  Why, oh why?  Why is he hiding his beautiful, mesmerizing eyes?

Well, if you're not into 30 Seconds to Mars music (which I can't understand why not?!), you can catch glimpses and drool over those beautiful blue eyes by watching some of Jared Leto's many films.  He's got a long history of roles in popularly known movies such as Chapter 27, Lord of War, Alexander, Panic Room, Girl Interrupted, Fight Club, and American Psycho.  He's also been on popular TV series (which you'll have to find on syndication or on DVD) such as My So Called Life.  You can also follow him on Twitter.

By the way, if you still use the Firefox browser like I do, here's a cool way to show your love for Jared Leto.  It's the Firefox Personas theme "I Heart Jared Leto" that I designed.  Check it out!

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