Jul 3, 2011

Dream Guy of the Week #1

Wow!  It's already a month into summer and I've hardly posted any fun stuff here.  Blame it on reality - LOL!  Anyway, I decided to give LiggyzDreamz a little "dreamy" fun each week. This week, we'll start off with Garrett Hedlund as our dream guy of the week. I recently watched him in TRON LEGACY (on Blu-Ray) and noticed how much he's changed (matured) nicely (handsomely) over the years.

Remember him in 2004's TROY, where he played Patroclus (look-alike cousin to Brad Pitt's Achilles)? He was just entering showbiz then and right away nabbed his first role in that blockbuster.

But as cute as he was back then with that rockstar-like mane on his head, wouldn't you agree that he does look much better these days with his shorter hair and more masculine, more mature looks?

So here ya go, ladies...get your eye candy meters ready.  (Imagine drum rolls in the back ground).  Tada!  Compare the before pic above with this more recent pic below.

Now that's what you call a DREAM GUY!   ;)
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