Nov 12, 2010

I Googled Myself

When I answer the phones at my day job, I get told by a lot of people that they've never heard my name "Liggy" before. I tell them that they'd probably be surprised about what they'll find if they ever try "Googling" the name "Liggy". So I decided I would try checking it out myself.

Just Googling "Liggy" seemed too boring so I clicked on IMAGES to search for images with "Liggy". I was so surprised by what I found.

Naughty Monkey carries a women's sandal called "Liggy"!  How cool is that?  That really caught my attention because my Chinese zodiac sign is that of a monkey.

There are also several bands that have recorded their own versions of a song called "Diggy Liggy Lo" (which I have yet to hear, by the way).

The one that came up the most frequently is the one from Commander Cody and His Lost Planet Airmen.  Sounds like it might be a fun track to listen to.  (Probably as fun as my name sounds, I'd think!).

I did find a version sung by Cajun Hot Soles , a band from the South.   Sure enough, Diggy Liggy Lo is a very fun song to listen to or sing along to.  You gotta hear it.  Here it is:

Well hope that gets your week-end off to a fun start!  Have a great week-end, LiggyzDreamz readers!!!
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