Oct 26, 2010

My Scary Moment

The year has really gone by fast! It's already almost Halloween! And this week on Top Sites Tuesday, Blogdumps is asking us to share a scary story, scary moment, or a ghost story.

If you ask me, nothing was scarier than the moment I watched the movie CARRIE alone as a kid. (Hmmm...I wonder why my parents weren't supervising what I was watching at that time?).

I thought the adolescent experiences Carrie was going through were traumatic enough but when she went to the prom and got her unexpected joy washed away in pig's blood, I knew she was going to lose it.

But I didn't expect her to come home to find no support or sympathy for her pain. Instead she came home to find her own mother had lost her sanity.

I know I jumped out of my seat at the ending scene. It was such a serene scene and so touching to find out how much someone in school actually cared for Carrie.

AAAAHHHH!!! I'm not going to spoil it for you if you have not seen the movie yet. I'm just going to warn you...this was such a scary movie that I have never forgotten it or how I felt when I watched it. That's probably why it's such a classic horror film.

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