Jul 26, 2010

Party Time!

Guess who's having a birthday?  No, not me!  BlogDumps, the blogging community site which I've been joining for Top Sites Tuesday memes fairly regularly for some time now, is turning four this week.   And to celebrate, we're having a virtual pool party. Whoot whoo!!!

Being the rock music lover that I am, I thought I'd bring along some fun music to jam to.  How about the good ole American sound of the Beach Boys singing "Surfin' USA"?  That would be fun to listen to especially if you're trying to cool down by the poolside.  If you're holding a drink though, don't sit too close to Wolfbernz  - I heard he tends to tip over in his seat! LOL!

Yes, it's been a scorching hot summer in the East Coast this year.   (Remember last week BlogDumps asked us all what we're doing to stay cool?).  Well, the heat isn't letting up just yet around here.  I'm just glad my house is surrounded by tall trees.  It helps keep it a lot less hotter than it is elsewhere.  They also provide a good amount of shade for those times you just need to stretch your legs outside (just ask my dog!).

Well, I'll be going through my music collection for more music to listen to.  Bring along other music you like to hear, too.  I like dance music, too, if anyone's got any to share.  Meanwhile, stop by BlogDumps and join the party!  Click the blinking button below so they know I invited you ;)

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