Jun 22, 2010

Thinking About The Oil Spill

It's Top Sites Tuesday at BlogDumps and this week's topic is the recent BP oil spill in the gulf. Surely I don't  need to repeat the same things here that you can read about from a reputable news source. But bloggers like me like to share our thoughts on the issues.

For the past two months, this leaking oil has been continuing to spew oil out into our waters and endangering our wildlife. What's worrisome is that the dangers don't just stop there.

When is this all going to end?  How much more of nature is going to have to suffer before BP gets the oil leak stopped and cleaned up?   It's quite frustrating to hear a lot of anger being vocalized about what's going on. And I agree, the anger is understandable.

But we can't get anything done by pointing fingers.  We all need to join hands and do what we can together to get this mess fixed.  While we all can't be there to physically help, there's a lot we can do to raise awareness of our environment.  We can do a lot to protect our environment (especially nature)  and eventually it'll extend to where help is most critical.

I normally try to keep my blog posts reserved for posts related to music and the arts so I thought I'd end this note with a beautiful eye-opening reminder about protecting our environment  from one of the greatest musicians that ever lived. Thank you, Michael Jackson.

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AngelBaby said...

You are absolutely right, we do need to do our part in saving the environment everyday! Seeing what is happening is just so upsetting to me because I am an environmentalist and have worked with Green Peace on several accusations. I can't stand to see our beautiful planet destroyed like this! There really is no way to clean up the deep water currents. So sad!

Here's your click ........

Love and Blessings,

oldereyes said...

Good post, Liggy -

Well, I'm not an environmentalist because I usually see too much gray in the world to come down with a black and white position. I tend to side with different sides on different causes. But this one is VERY black, so I will probably end up siding with the anti-drilling crowd. It is very sad. Clicks,

Bud aka Older Eyes

Wolfbernz said...

Hi Liggy!

I have to agree, at this point there is no sense in blaming the Who What When Where and Whys. We need everyone helping with the clean-up and doing everything they can not arguing about what has already happened.

Clicks for you!

Trina said...

Rock on Liggy!

You said it! Stop fighting about what happened - solve the problem now and then discuss the events that led up to the disaster and prevent them from happening ever again... better yet, stop drilling and put up more solar panels and wind mills.

--Trina said... I too, am Liggy, and I wrote this song for the turtles.