Feb 23, 2010

Who IS Lady Gaga?

There have been a few odd, random thoughts that come to my mind occasionally and seem to come back. Maybe I just want to find some answers to these thoughts and so they come back to mind?   Hmmm...I guess I'll pick out two of them to share as my "Two Thoughts on Tuesday" - the BlogDumps meme this week.

First up - is Lady Gaga for real?  I mean, I really never paid much attention to her because I've been really into more rock, grunge, and alternative music lately.   But I kept hearing people talk about her and that she was going to perform in this year's Grammys (which I watched and thought she did pretty well, especially in that duet with Sir Elton John).   Anyway, I kept thinking, "who is she?!"

The reason I wonder is because after I listened to her album (which I have to admit I kind of liked because it was very danceable like the old Madonna music I loved to dance to when I was in my 20s and early 30s), I realized that there is something different (or strange?) about her voice.  It's no wonder I never knew it was "Lady Gaga" on the radio.   She sounds like she could be Christina Aguilera, Pink, or even Gwen Stefani!  She doesn't have one distinguishable voice.   So it just kind of makes me wonder if Lady Gaga is just a show and if her music is the creative collaboration of these women I mention.  Aw heck!  Who really cares?  What matters is she has sold a lot of music that people enjoy and that her extreme costume and bizarre performances give us entertainment we haven't seen since Sonny and Cher. (Wait - I'm not THAT old! I was a kid when my mom used to watch them on TV, okay?!)

Now, my second thought - I can't wait for spring!    No, I don't look forward to my annual battle with springtime sneezing and itchy eyes.   But this dry, indoor winter air is really causing me to experience static electric shocks more often than I have in all the years I've lived in the continental USA.  No kidding!  That's more than 20 years!   My gosh, I shock myself just touching the bathroom doors at work!   Ouch!!!

(Hey, remember these guys from Poison back in the hair band days?)

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