Dec 26, 2009

Saturday at the Dump

Did anyone get a chance to see the Saturday post for BlogDumps news this week? I was quite surprised to find out that many of my readers helped get me another Top Site Tuesday win. Thanks so much for reading and for following the link back to BlogDumps.

If you're a blogger, too, be sure to join the community at BlogDumps. We have a lot of wonderful bloggers and readers in the community who may be interested in finding your blog, too. I, myself, have found a number of great blog sites there that I have been following because I've found them to be very well-written and very enjoyable to read. Be sure to visit the site and check out the featured blogs. If you're not a blogger and would like to start one but don't know where, you can start one at BlogDumps, too.

And since I'm using Blogger, remember you can also start one here, too. It's really easy and fun to do...

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