Dec 1, 2009

I like pictures!

I like pictures. I also like taking them. But what I like most are pictures that have such an appeal that its image is replicated, imitated, talked about, and is honored time after time. Very few pictures hold that kind of appeal. In my opinion, there is one that stands out because it embraces all those qualities.

That picture is the image painted in The Last Supper by Renaissance artist Leonardo da Vinci. The painting covers the back wall of the dining hall at Santa Maria delle Grazie in Milan, Italy. I like it so much that I chose to do research about Leonardo da Vinci for a project in 4th grade elementary.

Da Vinci The Last Supper
Over the years, I've seen the image that da Vinci used in his painting replicated in other forms of art such as wood carving. In fact, I've seen many Filipino households keep a "Last Supper" painting or wood carving in their dining rooms. Must be a tradition (unless it was just in my family? Someone please let me know.)

Last Supper Wood Carving
I must say, if an image can be imitated through toys like Lego, it must be a very interesting picture indeed!

LEGO Last Supper

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