Sep 22, 2009

“When I get home, I like to…”

When I get home, I like to have fun...and sometimes having fun means taking a moment to escape from reality! Yeah, why not? With so much to do and so little time - you know, with me being an awesome mom and wife and all...

So when I finally get the chance to relax, I'll sit down at my computer desk and play some mp3s. Then that's when it's time to load up the Photoshop on my PC and dream. Tee-hee! Here are some "mementos" of past " dream getaways."

Yeah, can you just picture me and Nicolas Cage a few years ago? Only Photoshop can make your dreams come to life in a photograph!

nicolas cage
Now this would have made the news, too! Me and Sarah Jessica Parker out with the most eligible bachelor of the time...

matt mcconaughey
Or what if I had Selma Hayek's sexy body and got to be with pre-Hulk Ed Norton? Hmmm...

Edward Norton
Perhaps the best fantasy of all is being the star of a big blockbuster movie like Tomb Raider. Yeah! Picture me as Lara Croft! Move over Angelina Jolie cause here comes Liggy!!!

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