Sep 22, 2009

“When I get home, I like to…”

When I get home, I like to have fun...and sometimes having fun means taking a moment to escape from reality! Yeah, why not? With so much to do and so little time - you know, with me being an awesome mom and wife and all...

So when I finally get the chance to relax, I'll sit down at my computer desk and play some mp3s. Then that's when it's time to load up the Photoshop on my PC and dream. Tee-hee! Here are some "mementos" of past " dream getaways."

Yeah, can you just picture me and Nicolas Cage a few years ago? Only Photoshop can make your dreams come to life in a photograph!

nicolas cage
Now this would have made the news, too! Me and Sarah Jessica Parker out with the most eligible bachelor of the time...

matt mcconaughey
Or what if I had Selma Hayek's sexy body and got to be with pre-Hulk Ed Norton? Hmmm...

Edward Norton
Perhaps the best fantasy of all is being the star of a big blockbuster movie like Tomb Raider. Yeah! Picture me as Lara Croft! Move over Angelina Jolie cause here comes Liggy!!!

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AngelBaby said...

Now that looks like fun to me. I want to do that too.

Here's your click ..........

Love and Blessings,

The Inferno said...

Nothing wrong with a little dreaming. Sounds like you at least have some fun dreams.

Here's your click.

Liggy said...

LOL! Thanks! A few years ago I made a Powerpoint show of one with people I work with and they had such a kick out of it. It was fun!

randomizeme said...

Your photoshopped pics are hilarious. How much time does it take to do that?

maat45 said...

LOL! You got me, LiggyB...when I first pulled up the blog I actually went "Whaaa...?? Wow...she knows Nicholas Cage that well??". I may have a houseful but you, dear girl, sure have patience to enjoy such creativity. You do a great job!

Clicks and clicks!


wolfbernz said...

Awesome Liggy! You do such a great job with Photoshop :)

What a great way to escape, Clicks for you!


Trina said...

Like Maat45, I too thought "Wow she knows Nicolas Cage well enough to be holding his hand!?!" I was so jealous! LOL

Yes Photoshop can be fun, but I'm terrible at it! You, on the other-hand, are awesome and I could totally see you as Laura Croft!


Liggy said...

LOL! Thanks a bunch, everyone! I had a lot of fun with this post. BTW, randomizeme, they only took about 30 to 45 minutes to put together when I did them awhile back. It took longer finding a picture of myself to put in them because I'm usually the one taking pictures - not being in them!

AY said...

Liggy, really awesome job with the Photoshop. One surefire way to relax. My son loves playing around with it, tho he's still new at it. he will surely get a kick out of seeing yr masterpcs. Here's my click!

jolinarodriguez said...

Nice idea thanks for sharing

Rica said...

Omg, you're too cute. LOL :D

Dragonblogger said...

That's pretty fun to do, I usually replace my face with a dogs head or something

Khmer iT, Blogger Template, Worpress Themes, Movie, Music download said...

nice (^_-)

Liggy said... kids like me being weird with them! LOL!

@ Dragonblogger...that would be pretty fun to see!

@Khmer...thanks! :)

Liggy said... was fun sharing those!

@ AY...thank you very much! I originally started with some program that came with my computer. It was similar to Photoshop. Then when I got PS, I was hooked!

Tanya said...

Love the Ed Norton photo in particular- lol :)