Jun 30, 2009


Have you heard Dommin yet? I recommend that you do so now so you don't miss out. This Los Angeles-based goth rock quartet was signed on to RoadRunner Records in 2008 and recorded an album, Love Is Gone. The album is currently available only as a pre-order at this time, but you can download their first single from the album, My Heart, Your Hands through Napster, iTunes, and Amazon.

Or, you could go to RoadRunner Records' website and sign up to be a member. When you do, you get a free album download. Unless they've changed it since I joined, you get to choose one Metal or one Rock compilation album FREE just for joining. If you select the Rock Album, you'll get "Between a Rock and a Hard Place" which includes Dommin's new single. That should tide you over until the full-length album is out.

I predict Dommin is going to make it bigger than they ever imagined. With the hauntingly deep melodic voice of Kristofer Dommin (the lead singer) who can make the pain of heartbreak feel like a numbing drug and the combination of heavy guitars and keyboards to induce you further into that spiral, Dommin's music can move and capture the attention of every person that has ever felt an emotion that wanted to break free out of its mold.

Check out the full-length video of My Heart, Your Hands on the band's YouTube channel. You may also be able to check out the band on the Warped Tour (with Lacuna Coil, Kill Hannah, and Seventh Void) in a city near you. Just visit Dommin's Official Myspace Page for their schedule.
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