Nov 7, 2008

Love Remains The Same

I recently came across a website where you can find lyrics to songs and get them in a cool widget that you could paste on any website. You can even customize the colors to match your page if you like. It's a pretty neat tool a fan could even use on their social networking profiles. Here's one I found and customized for a song I just kinda fell in love with after hearing it on the radio. It's Gavin Rossdale's "Love Remains The Same" from his WanderlustWanderlust album.

- Gavin Rossdale Lyrics

And if you want to create a little music player for it, there's another cool site I found where you can do just that. Check out this one I made for Gavin Rossdale's song!

Music Playlist at

The song appears on the Nights in Rodanthe Soundtrack. I think the song really captures the beautiful and intense emotions that are brought about in the book by Nicholas Sparks. I recently read the book (in six hours!) and truly enjoyed it. It was a book I found very difficult to set down. I should probably post a separate blog about my thoughts on the book because I could say so much about it.

If you like reading romance novels, you should get that book and read it. And get the soundtrack to listen to in the background...

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