Feb 8, 2018

Same Title, Different Song

While I was driving to work this morning, I heard a remake of a song that I know I'd heard before. And it made me realize that many times, there are songs with the same title but are not the same songs at all. For instance, there's this song which I'm pretty sure you're familiar with.

The one I heard on the radio was a remake from Five Finger Death Punch, which I like, but delivers a much different impact than the Offspring's version. Listen for yourself.

What I did want to actually compare this song to is another song with the same title performed and recorded by a band known as Open Fire. They're not currently together but they did record some really good original hard rock/thrash metal tunes before the grunge era. (Search my blog for previous posts about them if you're curious).

I think I'll go find some more songs with the same title but are totally different and I'll share them here.

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