Apr 24, 2012

Two Thoughts for Tuesday

In mid-February this year, I noticed a very swift-moving wren flying in and out of the warehouse near the graphics room where I go to do some printing jobs at work. It was also about that time that I noticed that it was actually building a nest in one of our bookshelves there. This is what it looked like:

Even during the month of March, I saw the bird coming back and forth every so often but there were also large gaps of time where I didn't see the bird coming back. I didn't do anything about the nest because there were some days that I didn't see any birds there at all. I figured the bird gave up and decided to build another nest somewhere else - like outside the building, perhaps?!

What a surprise when last week, we came in to work early one morning to the loud chirps of the tiny baby birds being coached out of the building by their parents. It was amazing!!!

I tried to take some pictures and videos of the baby wrens as they were learning to fly. Here's a couple of stills I got of two of the babies:

Here's a video of the baby bird that was on top of the cylindrical drums as he was trying to fly away:

Now that you've read all that, I must say, my first thought today is that I am still in awe about the amazing way the parent birds kept coming back for their young and taking time to get them to fly out of the building on their own. In fact, one of the four babies had challenges getting out and one of the parents tried very hard the next day to coach it. Finally, one of my co-workers got the baby to fly into a box and took it out to where the rest of its family were gathered. Now they're all outside and free.

My second thought today is that I'm really gonna miss those birds. That was such an amazing nature story to have witnessed. Reminds me of the robin family that had built a nest on top of the pear tree in my backyard about two years ago. All I can say is,"WOW!"

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