Jun 29, 2010

Two Thoughts and a Tuesday Tune

First of all, where did Spring go? We had such a long winter (thanks, Punxatawney Phil for the warning!) and even had a couple of snowstorms to make this past winter quite a memorable one for the kiddies who got to have snow days. Now we're going through week after week of above 90 degree temperatures (with heat indices above 100 in many areas - like where I live). What's up with that?!

Second of all, I think my cockatiels are finally warming up to me.  In case you don't know much about pet birds, handfed ones tend to be more tame and more sociable to humans.  Those that are not handfed tend to be a bit more of a challenge to tame and socialize.  The ones I have were not handfed as babies so they're not used to being handled.  In fact, they would usually move farther away from me in their cage when I try to spend time with them. I don't really mind that because I didn't want to have birds that would get mad if you don't spend "a lot" of time with them.  After all, I didn't want to neglect my dog, two cats, and worse yet - my own family!  LOL!

My Tweety and Tinkerbell probably thinking I'm a nut for getting inside the cage with my camera.

So if my birdies wanted to be "homebodies" and not venture out of the cage much, I really wanted them to have a roomier cage to move around in.  Even though I really liked the Oriental design of their original cage, I just didn't think it was big enough for two birds. And though I had no clue if I'd even be able to get Tweety and Tinkerbell to move to a new cage, I did some price-shopping for larger cages.

I finally found a used cage (formerly home to an amazon parrot) posted on Craigslist by a military family at the nearby army base.  My husband and I went to their house to check it out and went back home with it on the back of our pickup truck.  It's pretty cool!  I cleaned it up and let it sit next to their original cage for a few days so my birdies could get used to seeing their future home.

My cockatiels have been enjoying their new digs for a little over two weeks now.  I even got Tweety to come back and forth from the rope perch to the branch perch close to me.  Back and forth he'd go at my command...and then he'd bob his face sideways whenever I'd tell him he was a good boy for coming to me.

This is Tweety at the far end of the new digs last Saturday.  

That made me really happy.  I think that despite this extremely warm summer heat, I'm gonna have a nice summer!

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AngelBaby said...

I used to raise birds and I really enjoyed them. We had a cockatiel and it got sick so I had to give it medicine I got from the vet. She was so cute she would get out of her cage and stand in from of it so I could give her the medicine, which I had to use an eye dropper to give it to her and open up her little mouth so I could squirt it in. After I gave her the medicine she would get back into her cage and sit on her perch. It was so cute, as if she knew it would make her get better and it did.

Here's your click .........

Love and Blessings,

Liggy said...

Thank you, Angelbaby for the inspiration. There's just something about these beautiful birds that bring happiness to us, especially at the end of a stressful workday!

oldereyes said...

If it makes you feel any better, my daughter lives in Phoenix and it's 100 there ... and just warming up. And don't let anyone give you the "dry heat nonsense." I have no experience with birds as pets but I've fed the yard birds forever. We have a family of quail that you can see on my last Monday Smiles post.

Click ...

Bud aka Older Eyes

Liggy said...

Bud, thanks for stopping by. I still like to feed the wildbirds that visit my yard, too. I'm kind of thinking about making my yard more inviting to birds though when summer ends.

Trina said...

Yeah, it's really hot here too! I just keep telling myself that this is what we get for have those awesome Blizzards last winter LOL

Your birds sound and look awesome! Enjoy and spoil them (it's more fun to spoil them sometimes)


Wolf said...

Hi Liggy!

I have to agree I'm not too far up the coast from you and it's been miserable!

The new cage sounds great! I'll bet they are enjoying the extra space!


Barkha Dhar said...

Pets are like family. I have fond memories of owning one. Your post made me think of it
Barkha Dhar