Aug 30, 2009

Taking a break

I'm trying to revise my layout but I'm getting hungry and have a few other errands I got to run today so I'm going to take a break. So please pardon the mess on my page. I'll put back my referral links and all that when I get done with my errands today.

** Happy Sunday **


Okay I tweaked my layout some more. One of my major changes is the addition of a banner I photoshopped to represent my site and my personality better. The previous layout was cool but some people (like my sister) missed the banners I used to display on my page. So I looked for a template that would help me do the job. :)

It's almost dinner time now so I'd better start cooking. Decided to have cheeseburgers tonight. Yum-yum!!!


Ophelia said...

YES! That's more like it! I love your new header banner! It gives it a more rockin' feel. Rock on, sister!

Liggy said...

Many thanks, Ophelia. I still have to tweak this layout a bit more though. I want to make the banner centered and add the labels to each post. I think I must've accidentally removed the coding for that somewhere along the way. I will work on these things when my mind is "fresh". :)

Yami said...

Hi Liggy. You've got a fine header banner there.

Thanks for the visit and the nice comment at my site. :)

Liggy said...

You're welcome, Yami...and thanks for your compliment as well! :)

AY said...

Hi Liggy, love your brand new look!

LIsa Rivera said...

I love the new page layout too! You got mad skillz with that photoshop!

Liggy said...

AY and Lisa...thank you also for the compliments.