Jul 4, 2009

Tribute to America

Since it's America's July 4th holiday, our Independence Day, I thought I'd share a professionally made music video from a local Hampton Roads, VA band whose founding members are US Navy veterans/servicemen. I don't personally know this band since I've never had a chance to go to any of their shows, but I hear about them a lot around here. They are an excellent-sounding band! Their sound reminds me of Stone Sour and Pearl Jam, although they have a unique sound of their own. Their songs have received airplay on radio stations across the country already. Trust me, I heard their song playing on the radio when I was traveling out of state!

For more videos from Chasing Corona (including clips of their live performances) visit their YouTube Channel. And to learn more about this awesome band, please check out their Official Website or visit their MySpace profile.

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