Jul 3, 2009

Have a Careless Whisper?

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Hehe...SeetherSeether has really gone all out in promoting their remake of George Michael's Careless Whisper. They not only just recently released the accompanying music video that was made in a classic arcade video game style, but now they've launched a site where fans (and just about anyone) can go and share a secret, a careless whisper if you will, of their own and remain anonymous. What a unique promotional tool! Doubt I'll use it but if you want to see what it's all about (maybe just bored?). Then check it out here. The site is sponsored by Wind-Up Records.


LazyKing said...

this looks like I loooove Seether but this isnt original. Hopefully nobody will sue them.

Liggy said...

You're right, LazyKing! I never saw that page before but they sure are similar!

gie said...

careless whisper is quite popular here in the Philippines nowadays..

Liggy said...

Gie, sorry I missed your comment earlier. I'm glad to hear that the song is popular there. I lived in the Philippines when the original song was popular.