Jun 27, 2009

Villains and Vaudvillians

Wow! My old myspace buddy, Curtis Rx, has launched his official website the other day. You can check it out here:

Villains and Vaudvillians
It's so cool...he's so cool, too! I mean, his band Creature Feature is one band that can make every day as fun as Halloween...or make each day like you're celebrating Halloween. Teehee! And they always had giveaways and contests on their myspace page. I joined a few times...didn't win but had a lot of fun trying. The ones that won did amazing jobs on their entries so I can't complain.

Creature Feature Fan Art
My non-winning CF contest entry, "The Two-Headed Creature"

Geez, I wonder if he'll still remember me. I haven't commented on his myspace page probably since his band got signed on to Sumerian Records. His friends list just multiplied like a rabbit after that and I stopped hearing from him. Probably got too busy. I still think he's cool for autographing the CD I ordered from him for my son's birthday back when the band was still selling their CDs directly to fans. Hmmm...maybe I'll post a picture of that CD here later on.
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