Mar 30, 2009

A Look At Britney Spears

Okay, so I was surfing the web again tonight and I came across an article about Britney SpearsBritney Spears supposedly claiming her Dad's control is like a prison. I don't really care. Britney Spears is going to try to get her way no matter what because even adults sometimes don't want to be helped.

Personally, I think Britney has some really cool, danceable music but as a singer, she really needs more vocal training to get that voice out. Kind of reminds me of Madonna when she first came out into the media spotlight. Madonna had this higher pitched, young girlie-sounding voice that didn't sound like she was using her diaphragm to bring out the fullness of her voice. But as she became more popular, her vocal abilities evolved as much as her music evolved (while of course, the media still played up her controversial music videos and performing style). Britney is just like that, putting more emphasis on her dancing, performances and music than on her actual singing ability.

Britney Spears Circus
Photo Credit: Kevin Mazur/

Anyway, even if I think Britney's voice could use some improvement, her music is quite catchy. So catchy in fact, that other musicians have done covers of her songs. They've even done the covers in different music styles. Check them out:

The All-American Rejects doing a pirate rock version of "Womanizer"

Children of Bodom doing a heavy metal version of "Oops I Did It Again"

Marty Casey singing a dark, rock version of "(Hit Me) Baby One More Time"
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