Jul 19, 2008

My Immortal

I found a render of an MMORPG character, basically a goddess named Shaiya. I think she's really beautiful. I even put her up on my blogger banner in case you haven't noticed.

Anyway, I used photoshop to put together this image which I decorated with lyrics to Evanescence's hit song "My Immortal". I thought the lyrics went well with the image. I just wanted to share it here with my readers. (Note: If you want to be able to read the lyrics, just click on the picture and a larger image will open in your Internet browser window).

Evanescence is one of my favorite major bands. I was able to see them perform at the Ted Constant Convocation Center in Norfolk, Virginia last year. Amy Lee is an amazing performer. She has the most beautiful singing voice and her stage presence is simply tops! I love her...haha, so does my husband. She is awesome!!!

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